Monday, 16 May 2011

Its true that besides, so many advances in the medical sector, the disease- Leprosy still exists. Many of us would be surprised to know  that at present also we are getting new detection cases of leprosy though Government has declared the disease has been eradicated. Unfortunately, India continues to record highest cases of leprosy in the world followed by Brazil and Indonesia. As per the World Health Organisation’s report there is about 35% of the new leprosy cases registered in India- 48000 are women. Leprosy, if left untreated can be progressive causing permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. It is here that LEPRA Society, an organisation working in this field since two decades  has filled the void with the concept of referral centres which are essentially one-stop treatment hubs. The referral centre is envisaged to address the needs of patients referred from primary health centres, health providers and community and private  health providers.  The referral centre provides specialised services like: Treatment of complications in leprosy-affected persons e.g., reactions, neuritis, and ulcers; provision of specialised appliances for disability care e.g., micro-cellular rubber (MCR) sandals, grip aids and spectacles; Physiotherapy for persons referred for Reconstructive surgery; Advice on difficult-to-diagnose cases of leprosy and In-patient services for patients with complications.

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